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This is the Nex Web Browser home page. Nex is a modern, .Net-based, extensible, reliable and stable Web browser. As every thing in our reality, Nex is not perfect, but during the development, we not try to create a clone any other Web browser, we try to make something new.

Nex is absolutely free product. Its destributed under the famous open source GPL license, so everyone, who knows C# can enter the development.

Nex contains Internal Protocol technology, that provides to developers a way to create a Local Dynamic Pages (LDP), that will be available to user under Nex. Different LDP's, as another projects can be free, open source or proprietary, because Nex in this case plays the role of platform. Developers can read NIP Specification and LDP Developer Instructions to know more.


  1. Windows operating system. Nex is potentionally cross-platform program (because it is .Net-based program), but it uses Microsoft Web Browser ActiveX element, that provided only in Windows OS.
  2. Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installed. You can download last version of .Net Framework from Microsoft web-site. Nex potentionally can work throw open source Mono framework, but this is not tested.
  3. Minimal hard disk space - about 1 Mb.

Note: Nex can use up to 150 Mb of RAM, dependent on count of opened windows. It uses about 30 Mb after start.

Development currency

Current Nex version: A1
Download Size: 572 Kb

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